With more legislation looming for our industry, perhaps now is the time to evaluate what opportunities that lie ahead in the implementation of tyre labelling on 1st November 2012. Perhaps instead of looking at it as more hassle, now is time to think about this in a more positive way. Every day we all watch a lot of tyre kicking… surely labelling will allow any tyre retailer the opportunity to show and explain the differences between all the tyres available to the end user?

The tyres subject to the new laws must have labels so this could be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate to a customer why a Dunlop & Nankang are priced differently in terms the customer can recognize. Tyre kicking won’t be of any use! Why not encourage your front office staff to engage more with their customers and explain in plain English the differences between all the choices available. The differing results will indicate the different pricing structures available.

The consumer can make an informed choice about what tyres are fitted to their vehicle. Tyre retailers can explain which brand of tyre meets a requirement more than another.

For example:

The difference in fuel consumption for a car fitted with “A” and “G” class tyres is 120 litres of fuel per year based upon an average annual mileage of 15, 000km per year– which at current unleaded petrol costs per litre equates to €225.00 in savings.

The difference in wet braking performance for a car fitted with “A” and “G” class tyres is 18 metres.

The Exterior Noise measure is presenting the tyre’s contribution to external noise, not that within the cabin of the car.

Where Fuel Consumption and Wet Braking measurements are concerned, there is a clear opportunity for tyre retailers to be able to up sell consumers to a higher grade/higher margin tyre.

We know that labelling doesn’t account for every consideration when buying tyres but it can help improve standards.

Unfortunately our beleaguered industry doesn’t have look far to see the worst kind of practice, why not take the new legislation and set yourself apart from the back street operator down the road.

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