There has been a spate of tyre related press articles recently, none of which have put tyres/our industry in a positive light.

The one story most people are familiar with is the British Grand Prix. In total, six drivers suffered tyre failures during the race at Silverstone. Tyres all exploded at high speed after suffering punctures. Pirelli has blamed the way the Formula 1 teams run their cars for the series of tyre failures during the British Grand Prix.
Pirelli attributed blame to the teams mounting the rear tyres the wrong way around, running low tyre pressures, using extreme cambers and what it described as “high kerbs” at Silverstone. If any of these F1 cars pulled into your forecourt for a tyre change, wouldn’t you be pointing out some of these basics as well?
A few weeks ago, BBC Breakfast fetured the story of the bus crash in Surrey. The coach was travelling from Bestival on the Isle of Wight when the tyre, said to be nearly 20 years old, burst. Just last week, Continental reported 16.7 percent or one in six cars in Ireland were found to have a tyre at or below the legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm. The survey showed that nearly half of the cars tested (48 %) had at least one tyre that was at or below 3mm of tread depth…a cynic might say that tells us, there’s plenty of work out there!

These are just some of the major tyre related stories that have made the news in the 6-8 weeks. Do you ever wonder how these stories impact your business? How do you maximise repeat business?

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