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What are summer tyres?

Summer tyres offer dry and wet traction in temperatures over 7°C. Engineered from unique tread compounds, summer tyres keep their shape in warmer temperatures. This results in better braking and safer cornering. Unlike winter tyres, a simpler tread pattern creates optimal performance all year round. This offers better fuel efficiency and enhanced comfort. In the Ireland, most vehicles have summer tyres fitted as standard.

What are the benefits of summer tyres?

Summer tyres are for drivers who want to avoid the compromise that an all season tyre gives them. Where an all season tyre’s performance drops off as temperatures become hotter, a summer tyre flourishes. This is because summer tyres have a tread blend and unique compounds suited to drier conditions.

The benefits of summer tyres include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Longevity

  • Better control

  • Enhanced comfort

  • Reduced noise

When should you change to summer tyres?

The nature of living in Ireland makes it difficult to determine exactly when to change from winter to summer tyres. However, it is considered prudent to fit summer tyres when the average 24-hour temperature rises above 7°C. In Ireland, this is usually around the beginning of April. Using summer tyres when the temperature falls below 7°C can result in poorer handling and increased fuel consumption.

Are summer tyres OK to use in the winter?

Summer and winter tyres are designed with different conditions in mind. This means they each start to progressively lose their performance when they’re taken out of their respective comfort zones. In the case of summer tyres, this happens when the temperature drops below 7°C. This is the point at which the tyre’s compounds and tread harden (which can result in cracking). While summer tyres have a shallower tread pattern that works efficiently at deflecting light rainwater, it isn’t as effective at displacing snow. As such, using summer tyres in winter isn’t advisable.

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