Snow Tyres, Winter Tyres…. Which Ones Do You Need?

WINTER & ALL SEASON   TYRES EXPLAINED This time of year is normally a busy time for most tyre outlets.  The steady stream of enquiries about snow/cold weather tyres and all season/weather tyres never seems to dampen.  We thought it would be a good time to refresh everyone’s knowledge on what’s the key differences between

No such thing as bad publicity?

There has been a spate of tyre related press articles recently, none of which have put tyres/our industry in a positive light. The one story most people are familiar with is the British Grand Prix. In total, six drivers suffered tyre failures during the race at Silverstone. Tyres all exploded at high speed after suffering

We are doing it again! 10% OFF until SAM COMES HOME!

After the great success of the DONEGAL ALL IRELAND CHAMPIONS, we are doing it again!  10% off ALL CAR, VAN & 4X4.   Don’t delay, ring and get your quote.  If your heading away on holidays, Call in a get your FREE tyre check too.   It’s costs nothing and why not get your tyres checked out by the experts for

What makes your Tyre Business Different?

We were doing some research for a customer during the week about the different ways some of our customers sell tyres.  How does each company calculate the selling price of a tyre? These days every penny counts to the end user and now might be a good time to reconsider how you sell your tyres? 

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Tyre Labelling….An Opportunity to up sell!

With more legislation looming for our industry, perhaps now is the time to evaluate what opportunities that lie ahead in the implementation of tyre labelling on 1st November 2012. Perhaps instead of looking at it as more hassle, now is time to think about this in a more positive way. Every day we all watch

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tyre Pressures

Keeping tyres inflated to the correct pressure is important for a number of reasons; Safety, Fuel economy & Tyre wear….

Tyre Age

Tyres more than 10 years old, including spare tyres, should be replaced—even if such tyres appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal tread wear limit of 1.6mm. This recommendation does not in any way reduce your responsibility to change tyres that are worn or damaged.

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