Extra Load Tyres

What are extra load tyres?

Also known as reinforced tyres, extra load tyres are tyres made to suit heavier cars. Heavier cars in this case do not mean truck or tractors but cars such as SUVs and other multipurpose vehicles. Such tyres are meant to bear the pressure and extra weight that such cars carry. They are marked 'XL' pr 'RF' as a way of differentiating them from the regular tyre types. All manufacturers produce extra load tyres.

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How do extra load tyres work?

Heavier vehicles come fitted with extra load for the tyres. The weight of such vehicles need to be supported both by the tyres and the suspension springs. The tyres are also designed to take extra air pressure, which translates to more weight. XL tyres use different materials and reinforce the inner structure of the tyres.

How to spot an extra load tyre

Extra load tyres are easy to spot. Just look out for the any of the symbols 'XL' or'RF' on the sidewall of the tyre.

Other types of heavy load tyres include:

  • C tyres for commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, etc.

  • LT tyres for light lorries, transporters and similar vehicles.

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