Do I have to pay an environmental charge for tyres removed from my car?

Most tyre retailers make an environmental charge to remove and responsibly dispose of old tyres. These can no longer be dumped in land fill sites, many are used as a fuel source to power cement kilns.

Is it safe to use a tyre sealant?

Ulster Tyres does not recommend pre-puncture sealants as there is an inherent risk of the primary damage extending in service and/or of internal secondary damage. The continued use of this tyre in such a condition may lead to serious tyre failure. Post-puncture sealants are regarded purely as a “get you home” measure and introduced following a puncture. The manufacturers recommendations detailed on the can should be strictly followed.

How can I find out if my tyre can be repaired following a puncture?

Minor repairs to passenger and light van tyres must be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

How far/fast can I drive with a run flat tyre in a deflated condition?

Recommendations in the area may differ from tyre manufacturer to manufacturer and drivers should always consult the car manufacturer’s handbook for the distance that can be travelled and speed driven.

Do I have to fit winter tyres in the winter?

In the Ireland this is not a requirement although some drivers do choose to switch to winter tyres at the appropriate time of the year. Irish drivers travelling to certain European countries may be required to fit winter tyres and this information is available from the DFA

Are tyres recycled?

Almost all tyres scrapped here in Ireland are responsibly disposed of. Some are retreaded and therefore have a second or even third life. Some tyres are recycled and used in children’s play areas for instance. Many tyres that cannot be re-used are used as a fuel source at cement kilns.

How many miles can I get from my set of tyres?

Tyre life is very dependent on the way that they are used. A set of tyres well maintained and used exclusively on motorways can return a much higher mileage against tyres badly maintained and ill treated in a city centre and urban environment.

How can I find out the correct pressure for my tyres?

The car manufacturers handbook does contain this information and at many tyre retailers they will have a pressure chart to consult. Failing that contact with the tyre manufacturer will provide the information. Call into any of our depots and we would be happy to check this for you