Fuel Efficient Tyres

What are fuel efficient tyres?

Fuel efficient tyres, also called energy saving and ecofriendly tyres, are designed to consume less fuel. This in turn means fewer emissions are released. The most efficient ecofriendly tyres have the lowest rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and less energy lost. Fuel efficient tyres are designed to keep the tyre tread intact for longer.

Fuel efficiency categories start from A (green) and end with G (red). Class A is the most efficient, while class G is the weakest of the seven categories.

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How do fuel efficient tyres work?

Tyres need energy to roll them in the direction of travel, due to the friction caused between the two surfaces. This is called rolling resistance. Rolling resistance amounts to approx. 20 percent of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and causes tyres to rise in temperature as they work. Fuel efficient tyres aim to reduce rolling resistance and, in turn, cut the energy needed to drive on them.

Manufacturers are reducing tyre energy consumption by:

  • Designing tyres that are more aerodynamic and rigid.

  • Creating rubber compounds that minimize internal movement.

  • Designing tread patterns that roll more efficiently.

Benefits of fuel-efficient tyres

Around one gallon in five that you pay for at the pump is utilized solely on tyres, so manufacturers have been keen to design fuel efficient alternatives. For drivers who want to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, ecofriendly tyres make perfect sense. What is more, company car tax and the annual road fund license are based on a car’s emissions figures, so fitting fuel efficient tyres can soon pay for itself. If you’re thinking about buying energy saving tyres, you could regard the purchase as an investment rather than a cost.

How do I identify which tyres are the most fuel efficient?

While there is nothing visible on ecofriendly tyres that make them appear any different, each set should have a label which states its fuel efficiency grade. This has been a legal requirement since 2012 for all tyres sold in countries within the European Union. The label grades the tyre from A (best) to G (worst) and is split into three categories:

The fuel efficiency class of the tyre.
Braking and wet grip.
The level of emitted noise.

If you want to identify tyres that have the highest energy efficiency, you should look for those that have class “A” on the label. Most tyres advertised as energy efficient should have an A or B rating.

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