Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

An increasing number of vehicle makes and models are fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems (or TPMS for short) and all new vehicles manufactured since 2014 have TPMS integrated as standard.

A sensor valve in each tyre monitors tyre pressures and reports low pressures or tyre pressure imbalances to the driver via the dashboard display. TPMS sensors in the vehicle show a warning light when there is a drop in pressure of between 6-7PSI. This is now a legal requirement although some manufacturers set their warning lights to come on when sensors detect much smaller decreases for additional peace of mind.

TPMS sensors should be serviced regularly to avoid sensors developing faults. One of the most common TPMS sensor issues we see at our centres is battery failure. The more miles you travel, the quicker the battery will deplete. TPMS sensor stems can also become corroded over time just like standard tyre valves as they are open to the elements and take on everything the road throws at them.

Should you require a new TPMS sensor, at Ulster Tyres we can supply a cost-effective replacement sensor which clones your existing settings for a fraction of the price of a dealership replacement. We can also service your existing TPMS sensors to ensure they continue to work correctly.

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