High Performance Tyres

What are high performance tyres?

Literally, high performance tyres are tyres that perform better — they have a stronger grip and handling even at high speeds. They are designed with larger contact patch than other tyre types and this makes it possible for them to cling to the road surface during motion. When used in sports cars, they provide extra stability for the cars.

High performance tyres are made of special components that make it possible for them to respond to braking better and faster than other tyres. Some of the most popular high performance tyres are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

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How do they work?

Where regular tyres struggle to translate power into the road surface, high performance tyres are stickier, giving you better handling when driving faster. Performance tyres are wider, which puts more rubber on the road surface and spreads the workload. They also have lower profiles to reduce the flex in the sidewalls and improving handling in the bends.

Here are some key differences between performance and regular tyres:

  • A unique tread pattern

  • Softer rubber compounds

  • Improved construction

Major differences between
performance and regular tyres

High performance tyres have the following distinct features:

  • A unique tread pattern

  • Softer rubber compounds

  • Improved construction

We understand that not many people have a need for high performance tyres. However, they have specific benefits you might want to consider.

Such advantages include:

  • Precise steering

  • Superior cornering stability

  • They produce less noise during motion

  • Shorter stopping distances

  • They have excellent grips on both dry and wet surfaces.

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Do you need high performance tyres?

Ultra high performance tyres aren’t suitable for all vehicles or motorists. They are usually more expensive than regular tyres and their tread may wear down more quickly due to the softer compounds used. They are also not as efficient as, say, energy saving tyres. This means they may be less suitable for drivers concerned about their fuel consumption, tyre life, or who mainly only drive short distances.

If, however, you’re looking for tyres that maximize speed, safety and responsiveness, high performance tyres could be an investment which repays many times over. Performance tyres are ideal for dynamic drivers, who require stability and precision at high speed.

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