Puncture Repairs

Can my punctured tyre be repaired?

Well, it depends! Whereas most punctures can be easily repaired, there are occasions when the damage goes beyond repair. When this happens, the only way out is a replacement. All the same, we can still repair your tyre if:

  • The tyre still has a tread depth higher than the minimum 1.6mm.

  • The puncture doesn’t exceed three-quarters of the tyre.

  • The structural make-up of the tyre is not affected.

  • There hasn’t been a previous repair around the same spot.

  • The tyre rubber hasn’t aged or deteriorated.

  • The tyre is in otherwise sound condition and not showing no signs of age/deterioration.

Do not stress it if your tyre requires a replacement after a puncture. We have the best prices anywhere in Donegal. Meanwhile, if you need our professional advice, phone us at 0749121784.

Tyre Puncture Repair Law

Safety matters to us as much as it does to you and the government. There are strict rules guiding tyre repair in Ireland that all car owners and tyre technicians must always obey. At Ulster Tyres, our professionals religiously abide by the regulations. Whatever services we are rendering at each point in time, we prioritize your safety. 

Run Flat Puncture Repair

Run flat puncture repair is an effort to repair a tyre after running on a flat puncture for some time. Different tyre brands have their endurance periods, and manufacturers state how long they can run before a repair becomes a necessity.

However, we like to advise our clients to avoid running on flat puncture tyre irrespective of the miles the manufacturers say they can run. This is because it is difficult to establish how long a tyre has run after a puncture. Repairing it jeopardizes the quality and puts you and your car at risk. Instead, as soon as a puncture happens, contact us for a new flat tyre. Remember, it is safety over everything else.

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